IWCS Membership terms and conditions

IWCS Membership terms and conditions

1. Member applications

IWCS members are free to sign up and lifelong membership is applied unless otherwise stated.

Members have both rights and responsibilities in relation to the operations of IWCS.
  • Members are entitled to receive e-newsletters of updates and upcoming events from IWCS.
  • Members are asked to use the best endeavor to promote the Objectives of IWCS.
To become a member of IWCS, you can
  1. apply online (
  2. fill in the document (download link) and send to
Please ensure that the member information you provide is true, accurate and complete. If you have any changes of name and/or contact details, please inform IWCS at When submitting an application for membership, you agree to adhere to the terms and conditions of membership of IWCS. Notification of acceptance will be received at the email address you provided at the time of application.

2. Cancellation of Membership

  • If you wish to cancel the membership, you must inform IWCS by email or written notice.
  • You will receive formal written/electronic notice should IWCS determine to terminate membership on any grounds.
  • You will be heard or make written/electronic representations to IWCS following the notice of intended termination.

3. Data Protection Notice

All your personal information will be held by IWCS and treated as confidential, with appropriate security. By joining IWCS, you agree to our processing this information, including sensitive personal information such as IWCS membership, for the following purposes. It will be used for a range of IWCS activities related to the projects and programs that IWCS holds or cooperates with other organizations, including World Wood Day events, Wood Culture Tours, international conferences and symposiums etc. Your contact information may also be used to contact you when necessary. For individuals enquiring about membership, or previous members, the information will be held for a reasonable period for the above purposes.

Your personal data will not be passed to any third party other than those mentioned above without your consent.

You have the right to ask for a copy of your information and to request correction of any incorrect information held. Please write to

The data protection notice is reviewed on a regular basis. The revised statement will be effective immediately upon posting to our website. Please regularly check our website to find the latest version.

4. Donation

World Wood Day is the annual cultural event held by IWCS to raise the awareness on how wood plays a key role for a sustainable future. If you would like to contribute towards the operations of IWCS and World Wood Day, please make donation through the World Wood Day Foundation website (

The World Wood Day Foundation is recognized in the United States as tax exempt under section 501(c)(3). Please write to if you require the information of tax exemption.

Updated: 13/11/2014